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paragon alumni

the coolest kids around

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This community is for the awesome ex-knights of paragon.

we are pretending like the community will get huge and we will connect old friends with each other!

when you join, post this info:
year graduated paragon (or year you graduate high school if you failed algebra and you can't subtract):
current school:
best paragon memory:
most missed paragon thing:
current picture:

and post this to tell all your ex-paragon friends to join:

(take out the stars)
<****a href=http://www.livejournal****.com/community/paragonalumni****><****img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v303/shainanigans2/****paragon.bmp" border=0****>

made byyyy
Shaina '02 shainanigans
Marcie '04 hersheykiss1234
7-11, albino squirrels, belts, big gulps, black and white, boston/new york trip, closed toed shoes, collared shirts, corpus christi, dodge the flag, dodgeball, five hours of homework, homecoming week, italian day, latin, mighty fighting nights, mo ranch, moat books, not diversity, paragon, paragon alumni, paragon prep, paralumni, slurpees, spirit day, the albino squirrel, the bus, the green monster, the loft, the park, tuesday school, wednesday school