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Fond fond memories

Okay - I'm sure you guys visit Paragon every day since you're in Austin and why wouldn't you want to? But. I went on the website just for fun just now and WOW did the teachers change.

Mr. Barkley looks like Lex Luthur. I wonder if he still jumps on the tables?

Mr. Hathaway finally decided the goatee thing wasn't going for him.

The lovely Mrs. McArthur is about the same. She is seriously, the best math teacher ever. Without her, I would never have understood any math in high school, or math period.

And of course Laura Benold all grown up! Teaching at paragon. I bet you all knew that already.

Our friendly Wednesday school supervisor has now defied all description.

But seriously guys - since I moved to New York, Paragon is pretty much my connection with Austin, which is important to me. So keep me updated ye hear?
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