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name: Kelly Dugan
age: 15
year graduated paragon: Technically, I didn't graduate, but... 2003?
best paragon memory: The DC trip. Staying up late in the hotel lobby talking.
most missed paragon thing: Being able to know everyone in my entire school?
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Yeah I got expelled, if you were wondering.
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April 29 2005, 21:39:39 UTC 11 years ago

This is a weird question but... are your eyebrows photoshopped?

and oh my gosh, they actually expelled you?! People cheated and everything but they never got expelled. What did you do?
Yes, it is a weird question, and no.

Yeah, they actually did. And I didn't do anything wrong.

Who is this?

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

Haha, of course.
add me too. friend. whatever. i have no friends on my live journal! lol. new yorkers dont do that.
i remember you! cool.
somehow i remember that we had the same shirt from limited too in like 7th grade. i think it was like green plaid, and i think the sleeves tied or something? haha how random.
yay for iron and wine.
i like them